Best winning baccarat strategy

The search for a winning baccarat strategy of paramount importance for any player wishing to emerge victorious from one or more games. Before going into the details of the different baccarat strategies, you should first know the basics of the game.

The goal of baccarat is simple: Form a combination of 2 or 3 added cards. The player who holds a hand closest to nine will be the winner. Knowing that the values ​​of the cards are equal to their nominal values, except for the 10, J, Q and K which are of zero value, and the A, equal to one. During the game, you can bet on which one will have the best hand: either the player, the banker or on the equality of play. If the player’s hand wins, you cash the equal to double the amount bet. It is the same when you bet on the banker, except that a commission of 5 percent will however be deducted. Betting on the tie can result in up to nine times your stake, while otherwise you will automatically receive the same value. If you want to learn more about this game, do not hesitate to consult ourbaccarat rules .

Assess the risks

The goal of a possible game strategy is to know when to draw the third card and when to stand with the first two. The player must always draw if his starting hand is zero or has a value of 1, 2, 3 or 4. It is advisable to draw if the total of the two cards is 6 or 7. The only case when a player a choice of action is when his first two cards give the hand a value of 5. It is therefore advisable not to risk taking more if you bet big. Most baccarat games use eight decks, which means that the game is played with eight decks of cards. The most popular, however, remain the one with six hooves. Each boot taken out of the game will actually affect your chances of winning by a small percentage. While low-boot games aren’t the best you can find,

The martingale strategy

This strategy is the simplest and can bring big gains. On the other hand, if you are unlucky, the losses will be minimal. 1, 3, 2 and 6 are the units you should bet in the first four hands. Let’s say that on the first one, you place 1 unit. If you are a winner, you will have acquired a profit of 1 unit. On the second, increase your initial bet by 1 unit, so 3 units. If you win it again, you will be rewarded with 6 units. Same case for the third hand, with a win of 4 units, then place a bet of 2 units (6 – 4 = 2). If you are lucky again, you will have 4 units on the table and on the next hand you add 2 more units for a total bet of 6 units. If the fourth bet wins, you will have 12 units on the table, including 10 lucrative units. Once you lose one of these hands, start over from 1 unit. Unfortunately, this strategy only works in limitless betting games and where players have unlimited resources.

Play by the odds

The only areas where a player can reasonably affect their chances of success is choosing their table wisely, betting on the most likely outcome. A good way to win baccarat is to try to spot the different playing patterns and bet accordingly. To do this, it is essential to observe the favorable odds offered at the outcome of the bets, knowing that the house advantage is 1.06 percent on banker bets, 1.24 percent on banker bets. players, 14.36 percent on a tie, and 11.25 percent on even bets. Therefore, the banker bet represents the best value in baccarat. The gap between the true probabilities and the payout odds is, however, considered too large.

Remember that you are more likely to lose if you choose to play long term, no matter what strategy systems you choose. According to statistics, the best bet is to bet on the banker. Even though this strategy can be repetitive and boring, at least you will be sure not to lose out. And since the stakes are usually very high, it’s important to keep in mind how much you can afford to bet and stop once your limits are reached. In addition, it is now possible to play baccarat in the comfort of home and not have to bet as much as in a land-based casino.

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